The Spontaneous Leader Keynote

These days, organization are flatter than a pancake! Authority is dispersed. Ad hoc teams are created—and then broken up. Talent is mobile, employees empowered—all of this in response to an increasingly dynamic and finicky market. Even big conglomerates need to act small and nimble to survive.

The DNA of an organization is ultimately the skills, ingenuity, creativity, energy, and commitment of its individual members. Are you fully leveraging these powerful personal skills? Spontaneous Leadership is about giving people the skills to employ all of their personal talents in the service of organizational excellence—and the inspiration to do so.

The Spontaneous Team Keynote

Free agency has devastated the NFL dynasties of old. Championship teams are quickly picked apart for their talent. The old Hollywood studio system has been replaced by ad hoc teams of writers, actors, and crew members who coalesce around a project and then quickly disperse when the film is in the can.

What's true for football and Hollywood is true for organizations of all stripes. Talent is quick to move on. (Even The Beatles broke up.) Multi-disciplinary teams come together for a short project and quickly disband. How can you build an effective team when the players change so quickly?

This programs reveals how great teams craft and embody their mission, dodge distracting politics and toxic gossip, deal with problems and failures, leverage their diversity, and have each other’s backs. Any team can propel itself to excellence. This keynote shows how.

The Moment: Being Your Best When You Need It The Most

What do you do when you don’t know what to do? When there is nobody to tell you what to do and when everything you’ve learned goes flying out of your head? How do you handle those scary, unexpected, and unfamiliar challenges? How do you grab those incredible opportunities when you heart leaps into your throad?

In Jon’s signature presentation, you’ll learn the secrets of successful improvisation and how to become master of the critical moment. Whether it’s running into that potential client in the elevator, being asked to deliver the speech, or just being the only person thinking when disaster strikes, you’ll learn to handle the moment with grace, skill, and success.